Spam of the Day: We Deliver!

Today's spam of the day comes from a source I supposedly once signed up for; I think some Christian bought an e-mail list from some other Christian, and so on, and so on, and so on. Which leads me to the following subject line:

Want to eat pizza with LIVING SACRIFICE?



Which leads me to the question of the day: What toppings would you never want added to your pizza--even if they were on special?


Web said…
I suppose I could say that I would never order anchovies, but that's too easy.

Have you ever tried pepperoni and cream cheese?
Anonymous said…
Roly polies (or pill bugs). Too crunchy. Not enough meat.
Anonymous said…
I would never get sausage. How boring is that?

But, to make this thing go full circle, I'd never do spam either. Cuz that's like sausage made from dead things. Or something. :)
Al Hsu said…
Dave - FYI, I just tagged you with a meme.
Anonymous said…
I would definitely eat pizza with Living Sacrifice and wash it down with an RC cola!
David Zimmerman said…
The trouble with living sacrifices is that they keep crawling off the pizza.
Anonymous said…
Hi I just found your blog. This made me laugh out loud. Once when I was in Hungary my friends and i foolishly went out for pizza. I ordered the vegetarian. It consisted of the classic cubed frozen veggie medley (pretty much just carrots and peas) with a RAW egg plopped in the center. Never Again! Never Again!

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