It's Not Easy Being Red-Nosed

Check out this open letter to Rudolph:

I'm reminded of a talk I recently heard that explored several facets of postmodernity, one of them being the "hermeneutic of suspicion"--fancy talk for "ironic cynicism." It takes a letter like this to see the cultural subtext of Santa Claus, but it's the sort of letter that trips up people with no sense of irony. Of course, people with no sense of irony reading an ironic letter like this is as entertaining to an ironic cynic as anything else.

If you have no sense of irony, my apologies.


Glad to have you at blogspot :)
David Zimmerman said…
Happy to be here! I can't figure out how to put a picture up though. I'm learning humility now that I don't have the support of a corporate tech department at my disposal.
Kami Rice said…
Nice to see your comment on my blog and follow the links to your new blog. What a gold mine of chuckles this "open letters" site is! Nice way to begin your personal blog!
Pete Juvinall said…
That's hillarious.

I think my favorite quote is "If you rearrange the letters in "Santa," what do you get? I don't think that's an accident."

I also think that some of the titles to the letters are probably more funny than the letters themselves. :)

If you're looking for a bit more of a flexible platform for publishing, you may want to check out - it's software, but they're currently hosting blogs on their server (and I know you can get your picture up on their blogs :)).

--Pete Juvinall
Bishop Klamecki said…
Hey dave, Thanx for getting a blog out. Y'know, I think Santa had issues when he was mean to Rudolf b/c he was losing weight (according to the TV special). I would imagine he was cranky and maybe had low blood sugar. Let's give him a break, poor guy. I feel better now.
David Zimmerman said…
Good to hear from everybody; thanks for stopping by Loud Time. If you're ever itching to get loud, here's the place to come.

Santa had better be careful or he'll waste away to nothing.

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