Ain't I a stinker?


Pete Juvinall said…
I'm beginning to sense a 'super hero' theme... :)

David Zimmerman said…
I finally found out how to put a photo on my blog! This is one of my favorite childhood memories: I don't remember the walk through the neighborhood trolling for candy, I don't remember the making of the costume or the eating of said candy. I remember the photograph, the sense of accomplishment and identification that I felt in "becoming the boy wonder." I'm not having a midlife crisis, I'm not suffering from a Peter Pan complex: I'm continuing to dream that I am the sidekick to the hero of heroes--my mild-mannered exterior notwithstanding.
X-Evolutionist said…

I just did a search on "Ain't I a stinker" and I saw your blog on Google. What a good looking superhero!

Your book about the spirituality of superheros sounds very interesting!

David Zimmerman said…
What possessed you to search on "Ain't I a stinker"? Are you a Bugs Bunny fan?

I'm amazed at how you can keep so many different animals under one roof. I especially like the picture of dog and bird in the window together; on my cats' best days they'll sit together like that. I've been reading The Autobiography of Eve by Mark Twain, and his way of relating Eve to the other animals is just delightful: so innocent, so joyous. Too bad the fall screwed everything up. Thanks for coming by, and say Marco to Rufus for me!

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