Spam of the Day

Can't pass this one up:

i am here sitting in the internet caffe. Found your email and decided to write. I am 25 y.o.girl. I have a picture if you want. No need to reply here as this is not may email. Write me at

I don't think Breanne should be sending these very personal e-mails from work. I also hope her spelling is better in her official correspondence. I can't imagine she sells a lot of medical gloves with such an atrocious writing style. Then again, she's probably pretty, which I'm told covers a multitude of sins in sales.


Anonymous said…
Breanne is a man.

And I defer to the Chevy Chase classic Fletch for the medical glove portion:

"AHHH...ya usin' the whole fist doc?"
Anonymous said…
Spams like this are crule, the pictures great, the letters continue to titulate, plans are expressed, promices made. But, watch you wallets boys, if it sounds too good to be true, it normally is.
Russian cunt spam, the final fronteer, where everyone has probibly gone several times before you.
Unknown said…
I was searching for others who had written about spam, and realized you and I received the same email.

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