Winn Shows His Witt

Winn Collier, author of several books including the recent Let God: The Transforming Wisdom of Francois Fenelon and a fun guy to hang out with at conferences, sent these very kind words about my forthcoming book.

I just finished Deliver Us from Me-ville. I feel like I´ve
emerged from a brawl, with a fresh shiner to show for it.
But I´m limping away happy. The tough love and artful pen
discovered in these pages forced me to see the small world
I´ve been living in - and I want out. Thankfully, Deliver Us
from Me-ville has shown me a way; and on the whole, the
process wasn´t really even all that painful. Zimmerman´s
funky wit fused with his well-crafted prose to deliver wise,
straight words.

Clever, huh? Winn's got a way with words; made me want to read it, at least.


Jennwith2ns said…
That is AWESOME--but not all that surprising. Congratulations, Dave!
L.L. Barkat said…
Well, that's saying something. Because, as you noted not too long ago in The Sweet Spot, it can get tedious to read a work for the 101st or so time!

Am looking forward to hearing some excerpts.
Ted M. Gossard said…
Sounds most interesting. We tend to see ourselves at the center, with even God on the outside, there to meet our needs and wants. But the Jesus way, of course, is completely reversed.

Sounds like a movie in the making, "Deliver Us From Me-Ville"!
L.L. Barkat said…
Ted, I like what you said about seeing ourselves at the center and even God on the outside. I'm reading a book called (I think) Silence on Fire and it opens with this very thought.

The author of course is not satisfied with such a viewpoint.

Anyway, I think your comment about the movie is funny!

And, hey, Dave, I finally got it. Hmmm... took me 'til this week to figure it was a play on "deliver us from evil". (Should I be saying the Lord's Prayer more often?)
David Zimmerman said…
Hey L. L.

Someone told me once that only Presbyterians would get the title, which struck me as painfully funny. Would you have preferred "Escape from Superbia"? That was my original title but the publisher (and just about everybody else I asked) thought it was too snooty. The other finalist was "Enough About Me" which I thought wasn't snooty enough.

Ted: Have you read Christ the Center by Bonhoeffer? It's class lectures rebuilt from student notes, so it's a bit difficult to hang with, but it plays a big part in the book.
Anonymous said…
Any idea what property values are going for in Me-Ville?
I'm just saying.
If everyone is trying to get out maybe I could make some money flipping houses?

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