Dave Zimmerman Googles Himself

I admit it: I occasionally monitor the Internet for chatter about Deliver Us from Me-Ville. I'm one of those authors with no platform of his own, so my success as a writer depends on the viral potential of the Internet. So yeah, every now and again I google myself.

Today, somewhere around page 18 of a Google search for "Deliver Us from Me-Ville," I found a user profile on GodTube, which is a Christian video alternative to YouTube. The user is a teenager in Phoenix, Arizona. Listed on her profile under "Favorite Books" is "The Bible!! Deliver Us from Me-Ville." Take that, Purpose-Driven Life.

In the interest of full disclosure I should mention that the first entry under "Favorite TV Shows" is Cops. Take that, Meet the Press.


Mr Steve said…
1. "googling" yourself is so very 21st Century.

2. Looking through the results all the way up to page 18 either proves you need to get out of your cubicle during lunch or that you're stalking yourself.

3. Phoenix, Arizona! Take that Bible Belt!
Jennwith2ns said…
4. Mr. Steve is pretty funny.

But congrats, Dave!
omahamandy said…
this post delighted me.
take that, other blogs!
David Zimmerman said…
Omaha Mandy, you came and you gave without taking . . .

Jennnnnn, you are very correct that Mr. Steve is very funny. He also has tie-died socks that make the ladies' hearts go aflutter.

Mr. Steve, you're right, and as soon as I figure out how to take out a restraining order against myself, I surely will.

Nervously awaiting Bob's comment,

Winn Collier said…
I google myself too, but merely as an academic exercise. Research, mind you.

I don't know if I've ever gotten to page 18, though. Apparently I need to keep going.

So, even when I hit the ubiquitous google, I land back in me-ville?!?!
Anonymous said…
I'm deeply hurt by your comment about what kind of insidious retort I might unleash upon your blog.

Crying In Berwyn
Charlene said…
Hi David,
I actually work for David C. Cook.
You and I might talk one day, I work with author accounts, but anyway, I heard your radio interview on KGFT yesterday, it was interesting. I'm starting to read your book today.
David Zimmerman said…
Hey Charlene! Thanks for posting. Did you count the umms and uhhs during the KGFT interview? I wondered what all my friends at DCC might be thinking. Hope you like the book!

My word verification for this post: conaker. What do you suppose that means?
Charlene said…
I actually have something funny to tell you about that interview. I can't tell you here though. LOL
David Zimmerman said…
E-mail me--my address should be in the DCC database. But if it's something stupid I did on air, go ahead and post it here; many of my blogging buddies (most notably Bob) take great delight in my misadventures.
Charlene said…
Actually, I've looked all through DCC database and its not. You can call me, if you like.
Charlene said…
Hi David,
I found it, I sent you an email. I hope you get a kick out of it.
Anonymous said…
In a recent podcast the Lizards From Afar was on, the podcaster cut out all of Chopper's "Uhhmmms" and put them together as a compilation at the end.

If someone could put together a compilation of Zimmer-uhhmmms, I think that would be sublime.
Anonymous said…

That teenager probably reads your book while watching Cops. lol

BTW- I think you and Charlene should just get on IM and call it a day already. lol

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