Power to the People

Chew on this, from MaryKate Morse's Making Room for Leadership, and tell me what you think of it:

Power is less like a tool we use to make something happen and more like the water we drink to stay alive. . . . In healthy settings, individuals have the power to make changes in their lives, either internally or externally. They are free to contribute to the well-being of their community. . . . This essential ability to choose does not come with one's name on an office door or with a specific role. It is the nature of being human.



Unknown said…
Dave, I am just viewing your blog and it is very cool. We met at NPC and I introduced you to the Nouwen books by Willy Hernandez. I went to a retreat with him on Nouwen's Real Presence in SoCal. He told me you have interacted with him and he is happy and surprised. He will provide some great stuff for IVP. I will probably read your comments as you enter them. What I have read have been very insightful and deep. As I preview your book, Deliver Us From Me-Ville, I may follow the Lenten schedule. I may drop a note here and there to you. Best wishes. Virgil
David Zimmerman said…
Great to hear from you, Virgil! Yeah, I had a nice interchange with Wil, and he's well-known and well-liked at IVP already. Please do keep in touch; I enjoyed meeting you in San Diego!

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