Cloud City

Darren Prince, one of the authors of the forthcoming Living Mission (IVP/Likewise), turned me on to a website that generates "word clouds"--a graphic representation of the dominant words in a document. This is the word cloud generated for my book Deliver Us from Me-Ville, in case you were wondering whether you'd like the book.


Here is my book so far:
David Zimmerman said…
Hello gorgeous! Looks like it's shaping up to be a great book. Maybe you use "However" a bit too much?

My word verification: thrombi
heh, I get that a lot. You can blame (or thank) my high school English teacher. She taught me how to state an opposing view, then countering with a response. See! That's what they pay you the big bucks to fix, right?
Mike Klamecki said…
I love this link, Dave. I was sitting here putting my text from my sermons in it seeing what I am talking about the most. I guess it's a good sign that "God" is always one of the biggest words on the page. "I'm" and "cool" are the other big ones.

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