Prayer & the Picardy Third

I have a poem (of sorts) posted to my column at Burnside Writers Collective, "Becoming the Great Us." Here's the first stanza of "The Song We Were Made to Sing":

Lord, make me an instrument of your peace.
One that diminishes hatred and crescendos love.
One that fills the backbeat of every injury with pardon.
One that harmonizes every doubt with a root note of faith.
One that puts despair to rest and counts off the beat of hope.
One that makes open all the dark notes.
One that ends every minor key with a Picardy third.
You can read the rest here. Posting it here is a tad bit self-indulgent, I realize, but I liked it--especially the Picardy third thing, which holds a special, nostalgic place in my former-musician's heart. Anyway, it's my blog, so my rules; and if I can post twice on a mayoral race I can't even vote in, I can certainly pimp my own poetry.


Jessica M said…
I really enjoyed it! Thanks so much for sharing. Praise be to our great God :)

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