All This Talk of Donald Miller

You wouldn't believe how many times I've had people gushing over Donald Miller, author of the admittedly enjoyable Blue Like Jazz. Today, however, I finally crossed over to groupiness. I sum up my devout effusion--my barbaric whomp, if you will--with one sentence from his article "Tolkien Was No Hobbit!"

I’m not trying to sound condescending, which means to talk down to

Ha ha! That's hilarious! I wish I'd thought of it. Mad props to Donald Miller.


David Zimmerman said…
This weekend I met a woman at my church who goes to Calvin College, site of the famed Calvin Festival of Writing, to be attended this year by the famed Donald Miller. She's having lunch with him. Maybe he'll find his way to loud time and think I'm a brilliant poet because I put weird line breaks in my quoted text. That would be ironic, since I'm trying my best to avoid precisely that.

Rick said…
good stuff - that's the second reference to tolkien that's made me laugh out loud. first was the commercials running on TBS for showing LOTR - "it sucks to be frodo".
David Zimmerman said…
I'm impressed with this revisionist impulse at TBS. Pitching the Lord of the Rings movies as hunky buddy movies. Reminds me of that tongue-in-cheek alternate trailer for The Shining.

They did that a bit with Pride and Prejudice, playing Howie Day's "Collide" over the previews, but I think they were being serious.

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