Information Requested, So I'm Told

Here's the spam of the day, complete with not one but two references to lice. Sounds like a draft plotline for the soon-to-be-released hit film Barnyard:

A jersey cow beams with joy, because a pathetic pickup truck non-chalantly finds
lice on the fried judge. Any food stamp can knowingly bury the imaginative
burglar, but it takes a real pork chop to teach a fire hydrant over a lover. For
example, an often overpriced blood clot indicates that the class action suit
toward a deficit finds lice on a stovepipe inside a ski lodge. When you see the
skyscraper from the freight train, it means that an usually highly paid cheese
wheel goes to sleep.

Leave all this spam lying around, you're bound to get lice. Can you top it?


Craver Vii said…
What is the deal with that crazy stuff?? I have a couple of e-mail boxes to manage for my job and they get a bunch of these every day! It looks to me like either a would-be poet (who's not a native English-speaker) ate the wrong kind of mushrooms or a code that you're supposed to try to crack if you have too much time on your hands! Does anybody have an answer?
Pete Juvinall said… about:

best bet would have been to get onto the asphalt. The asphalt is smooth and
You'll be saying good-bye yet! We were off. The institute was on our right
washed us again, then dried us off and said, OK, friends, you're free!
near the Zone even at gunpoint, not if he knew that he was being watched. I Strugatsky fury--and it is fury: disgust with hypocrisy, with bureaucratic
spoken, he was asleep.
good long tug, and replaced the flask. I can't do it without that. I've been
reasons that a gull's life is so short, and with these gone from his

his desk, and sat on the windowsill facing me. We lit up. Silence. Then he

Edit that one... :)

David Zimmerman said…
That's awesome! I'm so jealous! And not even one mention of mortgage rates!
Al Hsu said…
Here's one I just got:

The molten bartender falls in love with a greasy scythe. The squid behind a tomato carelessly gives lectures on morality to some eggplant defined by a scythe, and a fairy finds subtle faults with the carpet tack. Now and then, a linguistic food stamp gives secret financial aid to a stoic turkey. The cyprus mulch near the polygon is nuclear.

A lecturing squid, secret financial aid to a stoic turkey - aha, this must be the plot of a new TV sitcom Zoo U.

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