The Bird Is the Word

I read an article on five-fingered praying--each finger on your hand representing people to pray for and about, from you (your pinky) to the most marginalized people in the world (the ring finger). Guess who gets the middle finger?

Pray for our leaders. Pray for leaders in the faith community, your local
leaders, your country’s leaders and the world’s leaders.

Man, I am so immature. Go to MethodX's Young Adult Network for a more adult sensibility about the practice.


locutus est said…
If you start with a different leader each day, they can take turns being the middle finger.
Rick said…
Is this in the same category as the five-finger discount at K-mart?
Pete Juvinall said…
Maybe it is appropriate. The bird is appropriate because it's nice to pray for people who oft make you angry.

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