Economoholics Anonymous

From Shane Claiborne's Irresistible Revolution:

We are a community of struggle. Some of us are rich people trying to
escape our loneliness. Some of us are poor folks trying to escape the
cold. Some of us are addicted to drugs and others are addicted to
money. We are a broken people who need each other and God, for we have
come to recognize the mess that we have created of our world and how deeply we
suffer from the mess. Now we are working to give birth to a new society
within the shell of the old. Another world is possible. Another
world is necessary. Another world is already here.

From Steve Martin's The Jerk:

I don't want the money . . . I just want the stuff!
From "Overheard in New York" online:

Hobo: Spare some change?
Yuppie woman: Sorry. But would you like some prosciutto with melon?
Hobo: Yeah, okay.

--96th & CPW


Unknown said…
Sign me up for that new world and new society (earthly or heavenly?)...oh, and I'll take some melon too.
Wonderful contrasts...
Pete Juvinall said…
That first one is a great quote.

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