Lew Smedes had a way with words. This line seems particularly apropos in the Christmas season which, if you follow the church calendar, we're leaving behind this weekend:
Some people give gifts to people the way a fisherman offers a fly to a trout.

My most notorious fly-gift was from a coworker, who used my birthday as an excuse to torment me and the rest of my company with a CD of Pat Boone singing the heavy metal hits of the 1980s. Love, the metal community recognized intuitively, hurts.

Fortunately, most of my gifts come with no strings attached. So, what'd you get for Christmas?


Pete Juvinall said…
I 'got' (e.g. I bought them before christmas) season 2 and 4 of 24 when they were on sale for 16 bucks at Target, some iTunes gc's, U2 by U2 and a trip to St. Louis to splurge throught the IVP bookstore :).

Anonymous said…
A couple of schweet PS2 games (cos I'm such a geek):

Marvel's Ultimate Alliance &
Legos Star Wars II: The first trilogy

Both are awesome and worth the $$$.

Don't forget to stop by and check out my "Best of 2006" list.
Anonymous said…
sorry... Here's the link:

fReDiGgLe'S bLoGiZzLe

Also, let me know if you have any "Best of" moments and I'll post them with a link to your site.

Craver Vii said…
More than I deserve, and yet, nothing that I wanted.

We went out of state to visit my grown up daughter and favorite (only) son-in-law. They work retail, so they were out a lot of the time, and tired of people when they got back home.

I spent a lot of time near my wife and kids, but the blasted television was on almost nonstop, so my ADD filtered out a lot of the quality moments. They got upset when I wanted to turn the boob-tube off.

All I really ever wanted was a Pat Boone heavy metal CD.

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