Spam of the Day

From my new best friend Russo. Surprisingly, the message was marked "BULK."
It's time to refill Kenya.

I'll let you decide what we're going to refill Kenya with. Spam, perhaps?


Jennwith2ns said…
You're in it for the comments and I have this deepseated desire to come up with something mind-bogglingly clever with which to refill Kenya . . . but I can't.

Still--you did get a comment.
David Zimmerman said…
Excellent! Thanks for enabling my comment-gluttony.

When I was in junior high my teacher tried to help us learn African geography with the following play on words:

"Kenya swim? If not, Uganda drown!"

So maybe we could refill Kenya with clean drinking water. Kenyans would be able to live, and I could see my favorite play on words fully realized. Everybody wins.

Keep going! More jokes! More comments! I know you can do it!
Refill Kenya with a vision for the future....and all it's called and created to be...
Jennwith2ns said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
David Zimmerman said…
Hey--where'd the deleted comment go?!? I get an e-mail when something's posted, so I know what it was, and it was brilliantly funny. You know who you are.

The singer/songwriter Sting occasionally explores the idea of filling: in "Oh My God" by the Police he says, to God, "Take the space between us, and fill it up some way"--which, of course, through Christ God has already done. Sting's no idiot, though; here's a part of his song "Fill Her Up":

You gotta fill her up with Jesus!
You gotta fill her up with light!
You gotta fill her up with spirit! Fill her up!
You've gotta fill her up with faith
You gotta fill her up with heaven!
You've got the rest of life to face
You've gotta fill her up right away

Kenya could do worse.
L.L. Barkat said…
If you were Wangari Matthai, you would have a ready answer... trees... more than 200 million planted, one woman, one tree at a time. That's a certain kind of grace, too.
Anonymous said…
Funny. I was thinking the message was from an actual close friend. I don't read between the lines well on Fridays.

So I figured, you guys like Kenyan coffee. And the office coffee grounds were running low. Time to refill.

Normally, I'm not an idiot.
Unknown said…
Dave, I got the best ever spam today. Subject line "Conquistador Marimba" It's all the new rage on the dance floor - pointy stell hats, shaking spears.

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