My Heart, Christ's Laugh Track

A friend at church is looking for a Christian devotional, and seeing as I work for a Christian publisher, I figured I could take care of her. And then, seeing as I am hopelessly self-promotional and as I happen to have a handful of entries included in one of our devotional resources--My Heart, Christ's Home Through the Year--I figured I would reread what I wrote there. Here's me, trying to sound like John Ortberg:

It's entirely possible that many of us will see no serious spiritual breakthroughs in our lives until we learn to laugh at ourselves. And that's funny, in a sad sort of way.

It's mildly amusing that I'm being so self-promotional about Christian devotional resources at the same moment I'm trying to craft a manuscript about guarding against narcissism in our Christian devotion. But that's something of what humility is, really: as the brilliant Brian Mahan puts it, "a full embrace of the joy of ongoing repentance." And anyway, surely I'm not alone--what do you do that you suspect God finds funny?


Anonymous said…
It's Bob Geisert...the Serpentuh from Lizards from Afar and long lost friend from Illinois Wesleyan.

I and the other LFA members have started a new endeavor to digitize all the LFA material and distribute it to the other band members. And yes, I count you as a band member!

I have temporarily commandeered some FTP space from my work server and have put up:
-How old is your sister
-Kick the habit
-Tantric Pathways
Along with music from the band Carm, Stucky and I formed after college called Fearless Freep.

If you are interested in downloading these files for your enjoyment, please e-mail:

PS-I will do some additional web searches for you and if I find anything will add this message.
Craver Vii said…
Brilliant question. I'm stumped.
April said…
I wonder sometimes if God finds it funny or sad that I ask him the same things over and over again.

"Lord, please help me get out of this mess I've made."
"Oh, God, what did I just do?"
" 'O sun, stand still over Gibeon, O moon, over the Valley of Aijalon.' What, Lord? It worked for Joshua."(Josh 10)

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