My wife and I are just back from vacation. In Las Vegas. I learned a bit about myself in the weeks leading up to our trip; we began to realize that we couldn't mention where we were headed without immediately offering some sort of caveat: "It was a special offer" or "We don't know what we'll do there, since we don't gamble." It became a spiritual discipline for us to simply say, when asked where we were going, "Vegas."

I came back from Vegas to a churchful of inquiries--"What did you do?" "How much did you lose?" From there I went back to work, where my evangelical colleagues asked me similar questions, complete with awkward hesitation, stern, disapproving looks and nudge-nudge-wink-wink presumptiveness. So I'm now inclined, rather than to immediately respond to such questions, to ask people what they think I did in Vegas. It'll be interesting to hear what people think of me.

So I'll start with you, gentle reader: What do you think I did in Vegas?


Rick said…
I saw some of it on Entertainment Tonight. The stuff with the white tigers and the dancing fountains looked really cool against the shine of your chrome piercings.

Oops - was that supposed to stay in Vegas?
Mr Steve said…
I know what you didn't do. You didn't let your friends that are but a short 5 hours away from Vegas know that you were in their timezone!
Helen said…
ah, yes. I went to Vegas in May. Long story short, I didn't enjoy some of the things my friends did while we were there (went with best friend, uncle and bro, and two other girlfriends surprised me to make it my 'bachelorette weekend' although I of course declined any shenanigans), but I was able to distance myself from the activities. When I returned I focused on the amazing food we had, and the sights we saw and no one really assumed I did much else.

now that i just blogged rather than answering your question.... ;)W
Mr Steve said…
The only thing I can be certain of: Cirque Du Soleil Beatles show. . . and maybe the Star Trek thingy.
David Zimmerman said…
Mr. Steve, you know me so well. Sorry we didn't get down to see you guys; viewed from the suburban Midwest, Las Vegas seems to be smack dab in the middle of nowhere.
Pete Juvinall said…
So, how much did you loose?


I'm guessing shows, lots of pool time, the geeky trip to Joshua Tree National Park to find the location of the cover of 'The Joshua Tree', Hoover dam to go on the Dam tour and the dam giftstore...oh nevermind. At least that's what we were going to do when we were planning on going there in March. Now we're going to Seattle in October. :)
I've heard what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas so do tell...

Guesses: You walked the strip. You were in awe of some of the things you saw in the Venetian. You loved the fountain of the Bellagio. You watched an outdoor performance on a Pirate Ship. You visited Old Town Vegas. You stoped by Circus Circus and then wondered why you did--it was so dirty. You put a coin or two in a machine--because that's what every body does, except it wasn't that fun. You saw at least one bad performance.

How did I do?
David Zimmerman said…
Not bad, everybody! I didn't gamble--didn't even pull a slot, even though it appears that they make the first pull free. I noted a number of machines with "1 credit remaining," which is pretty smart: someone lingering around the restrooms, let's suppose, waiting for his spouse to (and I'm speaking euphemistically) "powder her nose," might be inclined to entertain himself by cashing in on one of those free credits, and then wonder what would happen with one more pull.

I went to Beatles Love (a Cirque du Soleil show), Mamma Mia (an ode to ABBA), a Beatles tribute show and Defending the Caveman, a one-man comedy about male-female relationships. I did note how dirty Circus Circus is but didn't venture in. I did love the fountains at Bellagio but bypassed the Venetian. I did go to the Star Trek Experience (my wife most emphatically did not) but couldn't bring myself to fork over five bucks for Romulan Blue Ale. I couldn't get close enough to the pirate ship to see what the big deal was. I went through Joshua Tree and the Hoover Dam en route to the Grand Canyon, but the experience was marred somewhat by our psycho van driver. I chilled at the pool and was deeply offended by the worldview of the woman who tried to sell me a time share. I gave my important viewer feedback to CBS regarding the new television show The Big Bang Theory. And Rick, my chrome piercings are none of your business.
Anonymous said…
I went to Vegas earlier this year and did all the things that you are supposedly "bad" for doing:
- drank lots of beer
- gambled too much money
- went to the Liberace Museum (& no, I'm not kidding about this)

Jennwith2ns said…
Why does everybody here seem to KNOW so much about what you could have done in Vegas? nudge nudge, wink wink

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