Pop Quiz

Do me a favor: randomly ask someone (preferably under the age of 20) what the following phrase means:

ineffably sublime potentate

Then report your findings here. I'm just curious. My first response, from a fourteen-year-old, was "Umm, undeniably perfect."



Craver Vii said…
I asked a young man who I never met before, and he answered, "Da shiznit, Dawg!"

He must have picked up on the fact that I had no idea what he just said, except that I must be "Dawg" so he drew a picture for me. Are you sitting down? It was a picture of YOU, Dave!
Pete Juvinall said…
Craver - Did he follow up with a 'd00d's FTW!' as a definition?

I'd ask, but my access to the under 20 set returns on Monday.


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