Is Heaven Any Sweeter?

David Bowie makes fun of himself and his universe in this twenty-minute film by Julien Temple. Hilarious--trust me. I own it on VHS, which means it's super-old school.


Mr Steve said…
I was going to comment about how young David Bowie looked, but then realized that this is 25 years old. That of course reminds me of how old I am, so I'll drop it.

I remember seeing this on MTV. This was back in the day where you would get A-list hollywood directors to do longer story-oriented videos. Unfortunately the only two that readily come to mind are
Martin Scorsese - BAD
John Landis - Thriller

which I know because I am a fan of the filmmakers - not the musician these videos are associated with.

I also recall seeing something similar from Tin Machine - I found the videos for Heaven's In Here and Under The God, but I seem to remember it lasting for 10-15 minutes and running together or having some sort of story.
David Zimmerman said…
Boy--I don't remember any Tin Machine videos, but Under the God was a great song. I don't have their stuff anymore.

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