My Dad Is a Genius

My dad pointed out to me this evening that, since Governor Blagojevich's senatorial appointment has been received into the Senate, and since he testified under oath that he did not pay or promise anything for the position, the governor can now say that he did not, in fact, sell Barack Obama's vacated Senate seat. Early reporting suggested that conspiracy in this instance is still criminal, regardless of whether the conspiracy plays out or not. But by giving away the Senate seat, Governor Blagojevich may have bought himself a get out of jail free card.

Senator-designate Roland Burris, on the other hand, simply acquired himself a U.S. Senatorial pension.

I'll let it go soon. I promise.


Unknown said…
Last Sunday, I heard the theory that Roland Burris's motivation for seeking Obamas Senate seat was to receive a Senate pension for life after less than 2 years work. It made a lot of sense then and even more now that it looks like Obama has directed Senate Democratic leaders to seat Burris since the controversy over Burris's appointment has become a major distraction from the Obama Inauguration and financial recovery plan. It looks like Rod made another deal despite all the protestations of Senate Democrats, the press, and the public.
The only way to put an end to Rod's machinations is to remove him from office- the sooner the better. Jeff Cantor
Anonymous said…
Blago is unethical, self-important, self-serving, obnoxious, annoying and despicable.

He is not dumb.
Anonymous said…
Not a genius; simply a one time reader of The Prince. But I will accept a compliment whenever I can.

Thank you.

The strange script that called for Roland Burris to be transformed from blighted to knighted in the span of a week is Chapter 17 in the surreal saga named Rod. The thing is, every day, the story just keeps getting weirder and weirder:Today, Blago swore in the legislators who will be overseeing his impeachment trial.

We IL residents are paying taxes to stage this soap opera. Boy, I'd love it if they'd actually do some governing and legislating for a change. And maybe get someone out there to fix some of these crater-sized potholes while they're at it.

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