Free for Now, Cheap for a While

Today's the last day that David C. Cook, publisher of my book Deliver Us from Me-Ville, is making the ebook free for download.

Never fear though! From August 7 through September 7, the ebook will be sold for only 99 cents.

Here's another review from Goodreads:

Building on the teachings of Thomas Merton and Dietrich Bonhoeffer, David Zimmerman outlines the journey from Me-Ville to God's Kingdom that all Christians must travel (and often, re-travel). The good news is, Jesus is the one who comes to Me-Ville to lead the way out!

Each chapter includes ways that the journey changes us, practices we actively engage in as willing participants on the trip (we aren't just along for the ride, after all), and "Escape Routes" or spiritual practices to try when you find yourself back (or headed back) to Me-Ville.

As an added bonus, the book includes discussion guides for each chapter, making it suitable for both individuals and groups to read together.
Just go to David C. Cook's website, click on the book, then click on the link for your preferred ebook platform (e.g., for Kindle, Barnes & Noble for Nook).

Please spread the word! And if you've read the book, please consider writing a review on Goodreads, or your blog, or send your friends an email about it. Message me on Facebook with a link to your review and your address, and I'll mail you a copy of my booklet The Parable of the Unexpected Guest (see the sidebar) as thanks.


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