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I just came across two great tastes that go great together: Presbymergent, a group of Presbyterians whose Christian living and thinking are informed by the conversations taking place in the Emergent Village. That's me in a nutshell, which I'm sure is easier to imagine than I'd like it to be. I don't know the site well yet, but my friend Karen Sloan is one of the organizers, so I'm excited to see what they'll be talking about.

It also makes me want to coin a cool hybrid term. I'm stuck though; any nominations?


Jennwith2ns said…
A hybrid term coined from a hybrid term? Or are you talking about something else?
Jennwith2ns said…
I need to pick someone's brain about a writing idea, and you seem more approachable than some. Is there some other way to contact you? Or is this the sort of thing one sends out query letters for and never gets a reply about?

Consider this a query comment.
Craver Vii said…
Jenn, do you mean a quemment?

And no, Dave is not approachable. He requires a certain amount of space, which is why you can see from his picture that he tried to use his communicator as a weapon. He's a wild, dangerous type.

Sorry Dave; please don't retaliate.
David Zimmerman said…
A moment of silence, please, for the late great Craver VII.
Jennwith2ns said…
Aww. The camaraderie is palpable.

Yes. Quemment. That's what I meant.

Dave--thanks for the eddress. (Not to be confused with e-dress, which is something else entirely and sounds rather sketchy.)

Have you guys checked out yet? You really should . . .
Unknown said…
Personally, of all your suggestions, Dave, I like emergic. But does it include runny nose, sneezing...?
Pete Juvinall said…
Oh my. Don't forget Dave also has talons that come out of his sides. He is THE ZimmerMan.

I've always heard bapticostal for Baptist/Pentecostal.
I met some Luthecostals last summer.....kinda weird.

How's that?
Jennwith2ns said…
Hybriderm sounds like hydroderm, which is supposed to erase wrinkles.
David Zimmerman said…
I'd like to coin my own hybrid term. But maybe the presbygents (which sounds a bit like "indigents" or "Presby Gents") can inspire us. For example:

Presbyterian + Emergent = Presbygent
Emergent + Presbyterian = Emergyterian?
Emergent + Catholic = Emergic?
Emergent + Anglican = Emergican?
Emergent + Fundamentalist = Emergementalist

Of course, we can dispense with the original formula and take the experiment wherever we like, for example:

White + Nerdy = Whirdy (which is a homonym substitution for "wordy," both of which describe myself)

And this one from the television show The Soup:

John Mayer + Jessica Simpson = Messica

The more effort we put into this, the better chance we'll land ourselves in the next edition of the dictionary. How nifty would that be? Who's with me???
Al Hsu said…
I'm an evangelical Anglican. Is that an evanglican? An evangelican? An evangelicanglican?

The whole couple names of Bennifer or Brangelina or TomKat is so overdone. But my name and my wife's name, "Al & Ellen," sometimes sounds like Alan-Ellen. She would not allow us to name one of our sons Allen or Alan.
Jennwith2ns said…
Here's a real-word etymology question for more informed word-geeks out there:

"Emergent" and "Emergency" obviously have the same root (if they're not somehow the same word to begin with--although I'm pretty sure "emergent" was sort of recently coined itself, with its previous and less specifically-targeted predecessor being "emerging"). So why do they, and how are their meanings actually related?

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