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Bono: In Conversation with Michka AssayasBono: In Conversation with Michka Assayas by Michka Assayas

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It's hard to communicate how thoroughly I appreciated this book. My wife (or was it my mother-in-law?) bought it for me about six years ago, but I didn't read it till the week before I saw U2's last US stop on their 360 tour, in Pittsburgh. Having just read up on Bono's theology, his philosophy of art, his political philosophy, his memories of thirty years with the band, I was set up for a particularly immersive concert experience. Bono reflects repeatedly on the "moral force" of the issues he's bringing before world leaders on behalf of the voiceless, and he leans heavily on the idea of a closed but not locked door being openable with the right push. You understand freshly how participatory/inclusive the band has been throughout its career, why they wish crew members and world leaders alike happy birthday from the stage. Bono is a collaborationist, an appreciative artist, a faith-full friend. If you like the band, read the book; if you wonder what the deal is with this rock-star activist, read the book. If you're tired of Jesus making an appearance in U2s lyrics so often, read the book; at least you'll understand why he invokes Jesus so much.

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