Oh the Places You'll Google

Earlier this evening I drove to the theater in my wife's car, since from the sound of it my car needs servicing, to see Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, which was infinitely better than the first Fantastic Four film and vastly better than I expected it to be. The theater was having a special sale on fine European chocolate bars--where else but a movie theater would you expect to find such an indulgence--so I indulged myself. Tomorrow I'll take my car in for service at the place I bought it. So tonight I'm googling Pugi while eating Toggi.

I'm sorry: that amuses me.


Web said…
It's fun to Google yourself too... unless you have a fairly common name, then the challenge is to see if you can find something related to you and not the 5 million other "Joe Smiths" that are out there.

Oh yeah, happy birthday.
Pete Juvinall said…
haha...he said 'toggi'.
Anonymous said…
Dave, Are you going to the Christian Retailers Convention in Atlanta?
David Zimmerman said…
Damon: Sorry I haven't responded to this yet. I won't be at ICRS; too busy to network, I guess. Are you going?

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