Road Trippin

This past weekend I hit the road, Jack, with my parents and my best friend from high school. That's an odd combination--depending on your perspective, it's either peanut butter and jelly or matter and anti-matter (where my Star Trek fans at?!?)

In our case, it was peanut butter-jelly time, all the way. I brought piles and piles of stuff to read, edit or write, and instead I talked and listend and laughed. Dan and I are going to trade posts for a little while, I think, to make sure we cover the whole ground of our trip from Iowa to Texas and back, but suffice to say, for now, that the Midwest is a weird, weird place. To prove my point, consider this: in Osceola, Iowa, there's a sixty-foot tall cartoon sherrif overlooking I-80. His name is Terrible Herb. Check him out here.


Anonymous said…
I do know Terrible Herb and will be passing him myself in a few days! LOL! I have a picture of him somewhere on my digital camera.
Rick said…
We're doing ye olde family vacation next week - and every time I leave the house, I remember back to my own childhood family vacations. And I wonder what parts of this trip will stick out in our kids' memories 30 yrs from now. Does that make me paranoid?
Anonymous said…
Did you smoke a stogey, you old fogey?
David Zimmerman said…
Nogey. Rick, go to
and listen to Florida Vacations, parts one and two. It'll change your life.

Get along, little dogies.

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