Truth, Justice and the American Express Card

If you're interested in creative approaches to social justice, check out Nancy Chan's blog for information about two entries in a grant competition. From the sound of it, American Express is running this grant program like a reality television program: the proposal that captures the imagination of the most American Express card users gets $1-5 million to change the world. Nancy and her friend Edith have come up with two very intriguing proposals; either one would be a good investment, I suspect.

I generally like this kind of enterprise; it reminds me that justice isn't inherently at odds with capitalism. The mystique surrounding social justice movements is that they favor socialist or communist economic and political models, but I once heard social activist Rudy Carrasco say that he actually loves capitalism: make as much money as you can, he argued, then give it to me so I can do some good with it. It's not "Das Kapital," it's "Mas Capital."

Check out Nancy's blog and give these entrepreneurs some love and support.


Seems like a pretty good way to help make the world better. m

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