As Presbyterian as I Wanna Be

Today I got two copies of Presbyterians Today in the mail. Normally I get one, because I'm a subscriber, which is already a pretty incontrovertible mark of my Presbyterianism. But today I got two because this issue includes an article I wrote a year ago. They paid me for it a year ago too, and I was starting to think that the editorial board was sending me a message: "How much do we have to pay you to leave us alone?" But magazines have themes; the content inside must cohere. This month my article "Doesn't Jesus Care?" came close enough to the theme to secure its place. If you read the article and the byline and decided to come visit, welcome! I'm glad you're here. If you didn't even know there was such a thing as Presbyterians Today, let me assure you that there is. Read it and reap.


David Zimmerman said…
I should mention, for the sake of clarity, that the article isn't posted on the Presbyterians Today website; I may post the sidebar here eventually, but the gist of the article is looking at the question "Doesn't Jesus Care?" through the filter of Mary, Martha and Lazarus. There's lots of frustration directed toward Jesus in the Gospel scenes featuring that family. So you won't find the article if you follow the link in the post; please don't e-mail my editor there about it, or she'll never ever publish me again.

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