Spam of the Earth

Today's spam of the day is technically not spam; I'm proud to say that it comes from Sojourners, an organization dedicated to a biblical vision for social justice and responsibility. That being said, this blanket e-mail had a subject line too tasty to resist:

Subject: Kick off Earth Day

Earth Day isn't till April 22, so that can't be what this e-mail was about. No, I'm pretty sure it's promoting a day for kicking people, places and things off Earth. Sounds fun: I'm taking nominations here at Loud Time. I'll start:

I vote that we kick the following off Earth:

1. Hummers
2. Private property leaflets
3. Spam

How about you? What would you like to see kicked off earth?


Web said…
Hmmm... where to start?

1. Pro athlete's obnoxious salaries
2. Religious dissension (make of this what you will)
3. Big oil price gouging
4. Popcorn flavored schnapps (it tastes like bad butter)
Jennwith2ns said…
Ooh, cool. A link! Thanks, Dave.

Let us not kick links off the earth.

Web's comment reminded me, however, that popcorn flavoured anything has really got to go. (Kind of like banana-flavoured anything. The real thing is the only thing that should taste like that.) Popcorn-flavoured jelly-bellies, for example. And toffee-nut lattes which, to me, also taste like popcorn.

I'm pretty sure I would say good riddance to a few other things, but I have to remember them first.
Anonymous said…
The Left Behind series, including the new 16th book of the series.
Craver Vii said…
That huge stack of papers at the edge of my desk.

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