Quote of the Day

From G. K. Chesterton's essay on "William Blake":

I have often been haunted with a fancy that the creeds of men might be
paralleled and represented in their beverages. Wine might stand for genuine
Catholicism, and ale for genuine Protestantism; for these at least are real
religions with comfort and strength in them. Clean cold Agnosticism would be
clean cold water -- an excellent thing if you can get it. Most modern ethical
and idealistic movements might be well represented by soda-water -- which is a
fuss about nothing.

So, are you a mocker or a brawler? Or perhaps you're much a Mountain Dew about nothing. (Tee hee.) I'll also welcome nominations for alternate beverages for these and/or other worldviews.


David Zimmerman said…
I hate Blogger's quote function. Grrr.
Jennwith2ns said…
Don't you mean "Tea hee"?
Web said…
I'm little bit Mocker, and I'm also a little bit Brawler... is there a category for whiskey? Perhaps it would be something like a Mock-ler? Part Mocker, part Brawler. Kind of like Barf from Spaceballs. He's a mog. Half man, half dog. He's his own best friend.
Pete Juvinall said…
I've always been more of a mixed drink sort of guy; given that my wife an I came from opposite ends of the spectrum denominationally and we're not in a presbyterian church,I see my theology and my drinks as complex and sometimes a little hard to swallow.
Pete Juvinall said…
correction on the above...

'we're *now* in a presbyterian church'


David Zimmerman said…
Don't drink and post.

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