In case you're in the Chicago area and are looking for something to do around Eastertime, consider coming to one of the performances of Living Waters, my church's Easter play. We're a little neighborhood church in Lombard, on Madison Road just east of Westmore/Meyers (becomes Fairview in Downers Grove). See a map here.

Show Times
April 5 (tonight) at 7:30
April 6 (Friday) at 3:00 or 7:30
April 13 (next Friday) at 7:30
April 14 (next Saturday) at 7:30

Childcare is available. No tickets needed. Watch the trailer (featuring my wife!) here.

Hope you can join us! I sing a solo--so low you can't hear me.


Web said…
The last thing I remember you singing was an Irish Rovers tune...
David Zimmerman said…
That was a long time ago (when the earth was green . . .)
Unknown said…
"Living Waters is a pleasant mix of a modern and biblical look into the minds of the 12 disciples of Christ. The part of Peter is especially well crafted by the up and coming actor, David Zimmerman. Zimmerman poignantly reveals Peter as an assured young man who really 'gets it.' Zimmerman brilliantly resists the common portrayal of a blustering and loud Peter (these emotions a hilariously reserved for another character, John, played by talented actor, Mark Smith)."
- excerpt from "Stacey's Watch" ;)

(Thanks for a great show, Dave, it really was meaningful and uplifting)

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